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The Ideal Family Holiday

on the Happinessboat

Flyer Happinessboat Holiday Netherlands.


Our Philosophy

We believe in living as a whole person: body, mind, heart and spirit. We observe that in our current times, people tend to fill their lives with activities that are urgent, rather than important. We believe that to serve ourselves and others we need to appreciate the whole person. Choosing for the Happinesboat means choosing for what is important:

Fun and friendship: spending time with your loved ones and opportunity for you and your loved ones to discover friendship with others

Flow: Undertaking activities and sometimes even challenging yourself, yet having the freedom to withdraw or rest. Enjoy the flow.

Purpose: Enjoying the gift of live with your loved ones is everyone's purpose. Just some find out too late..

The Happinessboat seeks to be environmentally friendly (going with the wind); we organise mindful activities and you even learn a thing or two about sailing and the environment. We all lend a helping hand on board.


We are looking forward to share this wonderful experience with you. 

See you on board...

Onyema & Jur

Happinessboat (in Dutch: Gelukschip)

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